It’s true. I only have a paltry ten friends and I suspect that one of them is a fake and a spammer but I don’t have a clue as to what she’s hocking. I’m not a regular visitor to MySpace so I guess that’s my own doing. I’m all for social networking but I don’t know why there isn’t more of a backlash against MySpace and if that’s social networking, I’m more inclined to be a loner. First of all, it’s extremely slow to load a page. WTF. Do we really need to revisit the horrible web design of the mid ’90’s with animated GIFs and the like? Yes, we all had fun with it when we had to make a web page for computer class but some things are better left dead and buried. If I’m somehow lucky enough to load a page, I then have to worry about not developing an epileptic seizure from all of this animated crap. It’s quite possibly the worst visual experience since the Pokemon cartoon and that, apparently, did cause some seizures. Secondly, I love music as much as the next person but I’m thoughtful enough to spare my friends the audible rape of auto-playing my selected soundtrack. My tastes don’t appeal to everyone. I recognize this and I hope that my friends would return the favor. MySpace is sometimes a very frustrating experience but it doesn’t have to be.